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The Insurance Center

The Insurance Center is one of the largest insurance agencies in the US. They use Pipedrive for Financial Services for over 200 property & casualty agents and over 100 life & agents.

Umpqua Bank

Umpqua Bank uses Pipedrive for Financial Services for over 400 small business, business, commercial, and SBA lenders. Their private bankers also use Pipedrive for Financial Services along with credit and underwriting.

Financial Pacific Leasing

Financial Pacific is an industry leader in leasing. They use Pipedrive for Financial Services for their various leasing groups including equipment leasing and vendor finance. But they also use Pipedrive for Financial Services to automate credit and underwriting.

  • BBVA Compass
  • South State Bank
  • Ventrua County Credit Union
  • First Federal Bank
  • Spring Valley Bank & Trust
  • First South Bank

...and many more



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What Is Pipedrive for Financial Services?

Pipedrive for Financial Services has been developed by Performance Insights and some of the most respected financial institutions in the world as the new sales platform for financial services.  Pipedrive is the core platform that financial institutions love to use.  Performance Insights has developed individual modules around Pipedrive to address the unique needs of banking, insurance, mortgage and other financial services.  Report Suite is one of the modules that provides reporting, advanced analytics and machine learning for improved forecasting and workflow notifications. Report Suite features include:

  • On-demand printing in multiple formats.
  • Data aggregation from multiple sales systems (like the loan origination system and core processor).
  • Custom designs to meet the needs of sales executives, underwriting, credit, HR, incentives and finance. Custom reports and dashboards integrate with all training programs and coaching programs.
  • Cascaded reports and dashboards (from the frontline to the board room)
  • Ability to insert goals and incentives (and build what-if scenarios)
  • Advanced analytics and sales intelligence (that include machine learning) for forecasting, executive reviews and planning.


The need for PipedriveforFinancial Servicesis supported by Gartner’s most recent research.

  • The global CRM market is approaching $40 Billion with 7.5 % in banking, insurance and other financial services ($3.0 Billion). North America is the largest market segment.
  • SaaS CRM is growing by 27% annually – double the annual growth rate of the overall CRM market.
  • Advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence will revolutionize CRM in the next 3 years.


Quote from Ron Buck, CEO of Performance Insights

“Our clients are some of the most respected and demanding financial institutions in the world.   We have listened as they outlined their CRM needs. We introduced them to Pipedrive and they loved using it immediately.  We then collaborated with them to build Pipedrive for Financial Services which includes individual modules that address the unique needs in financial services.”

“With our SaaS platform and advanced analytics, we are in the middle of a major market expansion and can not be more proud to partner with Pipedrive to launch the new sales platform for financial services.”