A Sales Intelligence System for the Entire Bank

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my Performance Navigator is a cloud-based system (SaaS) that pulls data from any CRM system, core processor, loan origination system, HR system, incentive system and completely automates your sales reports, call reports, pipeline reports, scorecards, executive dashboards and sales analytics (trending, stack ranking, charts etc.). It is designed for sales executives and frontline sales people in retail, commercial, small business, credit, risk, wealth management, private banking, treasury management and insurance.

When everyone in the organization has the information they need to be successful, amazing things happen.

  • my Performance Navigator works with all Fiserv, D+H, Jack Henry and FIS systems including core processors, CRM systems, loan origination systems and data warehouses. It also works with all agency management systems, and wealth management systems.
  • With a single click, or tap of your finger on a mobile device, users can drill down into the organization, change the time frame or move between reports, scorecards, dashboards and analytics.
  • Designed to improve coaching, forecasting and pipeline management.
  • No software to purchase and installs quickly.
  • my Performance Navigator includes an interactive pipeline report that is designed to improve pipeline management and forecasting and forecasting and includes the following tools:

Automated Forecasting & Funding Reports
Loan TrackerSM

Loan Tracker sends text and email alerts and status updates to the relationship manageer and to your customer – keeping the customer engaged during the entire pipeline process.

Four Important Dashboards:
1The Funnel Dashboard

Monitor your sales pipeline in real time with my Performance Navigator

Funnel Dashboard Image

Dashboard 2
2The Pipeline Dashboard

Interact with your pipeline for a transparent view from lead to funding with my Performance Navigator

3The Performance Dashboard

Compare where you are today with where you should be today with my Performance Navigator

Dashboard 3

Dashboard 4
4The Tracking Dashboard

Put your performance in context with my Performance Navigator

Sales managers are tired of waiting months and years for sales reports. They are tiered of spending precious resources to pull data from multiple sources and building spreadsheets that never get used. We understand that so we fixed it with my Performance Navigator.

Anywhere Access - my Performance Navigator works on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

One Source of The Truth - my Performance Navigator brings all your important sales data together in one place.

Smarter Employees - When everyone in the organization has the information they need to be successful, amazing things happen.

Eliminate Noise - There is a lot of data noise from many different sources with varying degrees of accuracy and importance. my Performance Navigator focuses the entire organization on the metrics that matter.

Know At Every Moment What's Impacting your Growth, and Why -

  • Track Your Goals
    Track and grow your key performance indicators (KPIs) with interactive and filterable reporting
  • Track Management Objectives
    Track each team, market and region's contribution tot he organizations goals in an at-a-glance executive dashboard.
  • Manage With Confidence
    With interactive reports, you can visualize your challenges, goals, and priorities. One (cascaded and aligned) set of reports keeps leadership aligned with each level of the organization.
  • Forecast More Accurately
    Demonstrate your firm grasp on sales performance to your executive team and board of directors. Respond to questions with certainty.

Faster and More Informed Coaching Decisions
When everyone is pulling the Metrics That Matter from one source of data, they can focus on what's important instead of who's right. my Performance Navigator is a coaching solution that enables faster, more informed coaching decisions, is integrated with our Performance Model and training, and has the tools to support result CoachingSM, Quarterly Action Plans, and Weekly Check-Ins.

my Performance Navigator provides a variety of Coaching Scorecards:
Coaching Scorecard

Improve Coaching with my Performance Navigator

Coaching Scorecard

Manage Your Pipeline More Effectively

You need to know not only what's in your pipeline today, but also when and why it changed. With my Performance Navigator, you will know in a single glance which deals are at risk and which are about to close.

Opportunity Changes

Visually review the history and aging of all pipeline opportunities and how they are being worked.

Status & Pipeline Momentum

Review the status of your pipeline and eliminate unnecessary calls to underwriting. Use the updated status (active, inactive, advancing, declined, stalled, pending more information, booked) to improve pipeline management and forecasting.

Stalled or Inactive

Improve your win rates and conversion rates by immediately knowing when a deal becomes stalled or inactive.

Time-in-Stage & Conversion Rates

Understand each stage of the pipeline with accurate time-in-stage and stage conversion rates. Assess the risk factor and constraints that jeopardize your pipeline (value, aging, and time-in-stage).

my Performance Navigator's interactive pipeline report provides this functionality and more:

Pipeline Report

The Pipeline Report

Interact with your pipeline for a transparent view from lead to funding with my Performance Navigator