Answer Everyday Sales Questions Automatically
(Even the Ones Your CRM Alone Can’t)

The reports you need to manage your pipeline, forecast more accurately and tailor your coaching to each salesperson’s performance.

  • Automated & Cascaded Reporting
  • Historical Data Analytics
  • Executive Board Visuals & Reporting Package
  • Decision Quality Data You Can Trust
  • Pipeline Transparency
  • A Single Source of The Truth
  • Multiple Languages & Currencies
  • Automated Forecasting & Funding Reports
  • Credit & Underwriting SLA Reports

Pipeline Transparency (across all platforms)

Sales, marketing, credit and finance can finally speak a common language. Reports and dashboards enable teams to make data-informed decisions regarding everything from marketing leads, prospecting, underwriting, pipeline management and customer relationship management.

Win Together

No more pointing fingers. Everyone is sharing the same trusted data.

Best Practice Reporting

Gain confidence knowing what questions to ask.

Multi-Dimensional Reporting

Slice and dice your data down to the smallest detail.

Multiple Data Sources

Combine and reconcile CRM, LOS, Marketing and CORE data.

Attribution Solved

Justify your investments in technology, training, coaching, marketing and incentive compensation.

Pipeline Transparency

Pipeline Dashboard
Cascades from the frontline to the board room.

Answer Sales Questions In Minutes with Performance Navigator

Performance Insights’ Performance Navigator becomes the ‘operating system’ for your sales revenue engine.

Forecast More Accurately

More accurate and reconciled data from your CRM, LOS and Core allow you to quickly spot trends, outliers and bottlenecks.

Improve Your Sales Coaching

Create a cadence of accountability that ultimately improves win rates and shortens sales cycles – increasing sales velocity.

Build Custom Attribution

Understand everyone’s impact on sales from marketing, training, coaching, incentives and your underwriting SLA.

Faster, More Informed Decisions

Make faster data-informed decisions.

Build Confidence In Your Data

Spend less time arguing about who is right and more time executing your sales strategy.

Conduct Data-Informed Planning & Analysis

Focus on what is really driving sales revenue and empower your sales managers to make data-informed decisions.

Improved Pipeline Management

Real transparency allows you to what is really happening – from lead to funding.

Generate Demand From Leads

Manage lead campaigns – from lead generation to the demand from lead creation to closed won.

Performance Navigator Eliminates All Your Spreadsheets and All The Wasted Resources to Create Them!