The Salesforce Lending Hub

The Salesforce Lending Hub is a single platform that provides intelligent integration and workflow automation with an embedded business intelligent engine. It is designed for Salesforce CRM users (sales, loan origination and credit administration) and integrates all popular core processors, loan origination systems, and popular lending systems. The Salesforce Lending Hub breaks down enterprise silos, minimizes data entry, and automates all manual lending tasks for a paperless, Lightning experience.

The Salesforce Customer
Portal for Banking

The Salesforce
Banking Hub

Salesforce Lending Hub Components

  • Patented Lightning Connector
    • A Single Connector with Multiple System End-Points
    • Over 50 Pre-Built Connectors
  • Lightning Reports & Analytics
    • Sales
    • Loan Origination & Credit Administration
    • Incentive Compensation
    • Compliance & Regulatory Audit Reports
  • Multi-Product Pipeline Lightning Application
  • Lightning ‘Opportunity Credentials’ Data Model
    • No Attestation with Data Attribution, Validation & Reconciliation
  • Business Development (Prospecting) Lightning Application
  • LOS Lightning Applications
  • Customer Portal
    • Automated Financial Document Collection, Management & Storage
    • Digital Application for all Loan and Non-Loan Products
    • Providing Beneficial Ownership, Signatures, Collateral and other Digital Forms
    • With DocuSign
    • SMS Text Messaging and Chatter Between Borrower, Lender and Sales

The Lightning Experience

The Lightning Experience engages users and customers with an exceptional digital experience through simplified digital (paperless) lending for both lenders and borrowers.

  • Patented Lightning Connector
    • One Connector with Multiple End-Points
      • Salesforce
      • Customer Portal
      • Core Processors
      • Loan Origination Systems
      • Reports & Analytics
      • Others
    • Over 50 Pre-Built Banking Connectors
    • ‘Opportunity Credentials’ Data Model (Patent Pending)
      • No Attestation With Attribution, Validation & Reconciliation
    • ‘Auto-Correct’ Functionality
      • The Loan Origination System Automates the Sales Pipeline
    • Real-Time Data, Alerts & Notifications
    • An Extensive Library of Pre-Built API Connectors
  • Multi-Product Pipeline Lightning Application
  • Business Development Lightning Application
  • Customer Portal
  • Lightning Reports & Analytics
  • Loan Origination Lightning Applications

Enhanced User Experience

  • Paperless
  • No ‘Toggling’ Between Systems
  • No Data Silos
  • Minimum Data Entry – No Duplicate Data Entry
  • According to Salesforce’s Adoption Survey, Lightning Applications Like the Lending Hub:

Increase in

Increase in

(30% increase in
sales velocity)

Increase in
Conversion Rates

Increase in
Win Rates