• Many industry researchers, agree that 90% of spreadsheets contain so much inaccurate self-reported data that they are unusable for sales management and coaching.
  • Only 34% of Business Bankers feel their pipeline is accurate.  Wasted time invested each week on inaccurate forecasts is a critical issue that should concern sales leadership.
  • Most sales forecasts are done in spreadsheets and over 50% of sales managers say they are inaccurate and contain little useful data.
  • On a deal-by-deal basis, the current accuracy of forecasting is less reliable than simply tossing a coin.


It should come as no surprise that manual reporting in spreadsheets is an inaccurate business practice that requires a team effort (from various departments collecting data from multiple systems).  This manual process and inaccuracy can total THOUSAND OF DOLLARS in direct and indirect costs.

Most sales teams have invested in a CRM system hoping to eliminate spreadsheets and improve sales reporting. Poor user-adoption, self-reported data, the lack of system integration and false promises have dashed those dreams.

Over the past decade, Performance Insights has tracked the sales performance of 370 banks and found that when everyone in the organization has the accurate information they need to be successful, amazing things happen.  We have also found that sales managers are tired of waiting months and years for sales reports.  They are tired of spending precious resources to pull data from multiple systems and building spreadsheets that never get used.  It is time to cut the data clutter and expense of spreadsheets!


Performance Insights understands the problem so we fixed it with my Performance Navigator.



Performance Insights has helped their clients eliminated spreadsheets, increase trust in their data and reduce reporting costs with their proprietary system my Performance Navigator.  my Performance Navigator delivers the data you need to manage sales in ‘right-time’ on a single easy-to-use (and affordable) platform that integrates with all your important sales systems.

Now you can finally connect all your data sources to see KPIs, emerging trends, un-cover critical insights and take action- wherever you need to be.

  • my Performance Navigator works with all Fiserv, D+H, Jack Henry, and FIS systems including core processors, CRM, loan originations systems and data warehouses.
  • Designed to improve coaching, forecasting and pipeline management.
  • With a single click (or tap of your finger on a mobile device) users can drill down into the organization, change the timeframe or move between reports, scorecards, dashboards and analytics.
  • Anywhere Access – my Performance Navigator works on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • One Source of The Truth – my Performance Navigator brings all your important sales data together in one place.
  • Smarter Employees – When everyone in the organization has the information they need to successful, amazing things happen.
  • Eliminate Noise – There is a lot of data noise from many different sources with varying degrees of accuracy and importance.  my Performance Navigator focuses the entire organization on the metrics that matter.

Would you like to have a conversation with a sales manager or executive who has eliminated spreadsheets and the cost of valuable resources with my Performance Navigator and get a no-obligation demo?

e-mail: Ron Buck at rbuck@smandh.com