To be competitive in the financial services market, banks need partners willing to share their knowledge.

Performance Insights continues to learn from every client engagement but we also do research with over 300 banks in the US. Our research is focused on (1) sales metrics that matter, and (2) the associated sales best practices. We publish and share an annual benchmark study that includes hundreds of benchmarks for retail, commercial, wealth, insurance, private banking and credit. Our benchmarks get right to the important issues:

  • Almost 70% of business bankers do not achieve their individual goals.
  • 30% of banks surveyed don’t even know if their sales force achieves goals or not.
  • 75% of business bankers have a win/loss ratio less than 40%
  • Less than 30% of business bankers feel their pipeline is accurate.
  • 52% of retail branches in the US close more accounts than they open.
  • Over 80% of personal banker conversations are service-related.
  • In 2015 personal bankers averaged just 3.32 face-to-face conversations per day and opened just 0.84 new accounts per day.
  • In 2015 the average branch in the US had a Success Ratio (new accounts per face-to-face) of 0.25.

Sales Metrics That MatterSM Newsletter

Sales Metrics That Matter has over 8,000 readers in the US and 16 countries. Readers include CEOs, sales executives, CFOs, sales managers, Chief Credit Officers, as well as personal bankers, relationship managers and coaches who have a passion for improving their performance.

Sales Metrics That Matter is a weekly newsletter that is driven by our national research. Articles provide deep insight into sales execution, coaching, performance management, sales benchmarks and best practices. It also features interviews of industry leaders.


Performance Insights Speaker’s Bureau

Ron Buck is a popular speaker at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference, state associations, ABA Conferences and CUNA. But he is also a favorite speaker for internal sales meetings and conferences. Ron brings his energy and enthusiasm for performance management along with client stories that will change the way you think about your business. He speaks about his book ‘The Six Breakthrough Behaviors of High Performance’ with real-life stories that are powerful, emotional and uplifting.

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Online Workshops

Performance Insights listens carefully to its clients and newsletter readers for workshop ideas. We conduct one 90-minute online workshop each quarter that addresses a hot topic. The two upcoming online workshops, scheduled for April 7 and June 9, are titled ‘Pipeline Optimization Workshop for Credit Quest Users’. This workshop addresses Five Best Practices of High Performers.

  • Underwriting Workflow
  • Integrating The Underwriting Workflow With All Stages Of The Pipeline
  • Integrating Credit Quest With Your CRM Software
  • Benchmarking Your Organization To High Performers
  • Sales Pipeline Reports | Underwriting Scorecards | Executive Dashboard

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